Whiplash is a common injury caused by motor vehicle accidents. It occurs when the force of the accident ‘whips’ the head violently from one direction to another beyond normal limits, resulting in overstretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the spine. The soft, cushioning discs that occupy the space between the spinal bones can herniate or rupture.  Symptoms may take hours, days or weeks to appear.

Whiplash may not be a minor injury, Even though damage to your car may be minimal, whiplash may have caused spinal damage. Frequently, lifelong health problems begin as a whiplash injury that was dismissed as minor at the time.  Any trauma to the spine can disturb the normal position and motion of the vertebrae, affecting nearby muscles, ligaments and discs. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord so even a small disturbance can have an adverse affect on the delicate nerve tissue.

Whiplash symptoms include:

  • Sore/stiff neck

  • Pain, numbness, tingling

  • Reduced ability to move the head

  • Ringing in the ears or blurred vision

  • Nausea

  • Jaw pain

How Can Your Chiropractor Help?

Treatment will vary depending to the severity of your condition. A series of adjustments will most likely be performed. An adjustment is a precisely applied force to an area to help restore balance to the spine and relieve pain and stiffness. Other therapies may be recommended to help relax or strengthen the muscles or to reduce swelling. Ice and heat therapies, massage, traction or trigger point therapies may be utilized. Lifestyle modifications such as addressing workplace ergonomics and implementing specific stretches and exercises may be suggested. Call Black Hills Chiropractic today if you have suffered an injury related to a motor vehicle collision.